In the Fall of 2013 I joined a small team of independent filmmakers as the Motion Designer on the documentary feature film "Black and White Stripes The Juventus Story".


I was tasked with retouching, replacing, and compositing elements into an abundance of photographs from the legendary football teams archive to achieve a parallax effect on many of the  1,000+ images featured throughout the film.

Production wrapped in the Fall 2016.


“I don't know a lot about anything, but I know a little about practically everything.” Name that movie line?


Atlanta-based, jack of all trades, Swiss Army knife of post-production. I am Motion Graphics Designer by day and moonlight as a video editor by night. I have had a technological obsession since my adolescence and since then, it has only subsided by about 2.47% in the last decade or so. My passion for everything digital and post-production has steadily sustained me in this career path since 2009.

Since then, I have worked and collaborated on an array of projects including beauty, energy, social, and films for global brands such as Sephora, Tiffany & Co., Shiseido, Paul Mitchell, Universal Studios, Juventus FC and MTV among others.